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Operating in the Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson

“We must direct our prayer towards the Courtrooms of Heaven and not only the battlefield. I believe that it is in the courtrooms of Heaven where our breakthroughs can be found. When we learn to operate there we will see our answers unlocked and released.  This book will teach you the legal processes of Heaven and your place in it. When we get off the battlefield and into the courtroom we can grant God the legal right to fulfill His passion and answer our prayers.”

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Featured Book

Shame: Identity Thief by Dr. Henry Malone

From the introduction: “Shame told me that there was something fundamentally wrong with me and that everyone knew about it. I willingly accepted that I did wrong because somehow, I was wrong. I did not make a mistake; I was a mistake. Life then became a task to do rather than a journey to enjoy. I had bought into the lie. As you read SHAME: Identity Thief, you will find the principles that will give you the keys to unlock and break free from shame. You will then be able to enjoy living in the light — living without a mask.”

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Shadow Boxing by Dr. Henry Malone

Shadow Boxing is a book that can change the foundational fabric of your lives — causing you to trace your attitudes, actions and reactions to their root causes and to remove negative, destructive patterns. Henry Malone identifies open doors that give Satan access into your life and leads you thorough a systematic strategy to close those doors. The focus of this book is upon leading people to experience the truth they say they believe.

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