Shadow Boxing is a book that can change the foundational fabric of your lives — causing you to trace your attitudes, actions and reactions to their root causes and to remove negative, destructive patterns. Henry Malone identifies open doors that give Satan access into your life and leads you thorough a systematic strategy to close those doors. The focus of this book is upon leading people to experience the truth they say they believe.

Henry Malone’s book is a timely one for the church in this hour. This book gives a fresh, unique, biblical, and practical view on how to close doors to Satan, which will enable God’s people to walk in freedom. This book will lead many to liberty and fullness of life. – James Robison, LIFE Outreach International

Extremely insightful, yet profoundly simple clues to the reasons why so many continue to suffer unnecessary losses. I wish I could have read this book twenty years ago. – John Paul Jackson, Streams Ministries International

I suggest that Shadow Boxing has more value than merely to set the weak and immature free; it is a textbook for the strong for the equipment of warriors so much needed upon the battlefields of ministry in these and the coming days. – John Sandford, Elijah House, Inc.

Dr. Malone’s book reveals not only a pattern for spiritual victory, but also many processes that will assist you in maintaining spiritual life. This book will benefit and strengthen those who are living a victorious spiritual life and unlock those who are being held in darkness! – Chuck Pierce, World Prayer Center

About Dr. Malone
Dr. Henry Malone is founder of Vision Life Ministries, a restoration ministry designed to heal the brokenhearted, set at liberty those who are bruised and free those who are captive. Previously a senior pastor for 28 years, Henry has been ministering trans locally to edify and build up the Body of Christ since 1989. In 1994, he began the Freedom and Fullness Seminars which release the ministry of Jesus in a group setting to bring healing, deliverance and freedom.

Since 1992 he has trained and released interns for deliverance and emotional healing. In 1998 he began the School of Deliverance Ministry to expedite this training. This equipping has expanded into what is now the Personal Development Institute. His desire is to help local churches establish effective balanced deliverance ministries to fulfill the mandate of Luke 4:18. His training emphasizes the importance of Christ-like character and a servant’s heart as well as the skill and anointing necessary to be vessels of honor in God’s kingdom. Henry’s heart throbs with compassion for the bruised, the broken and the captive—a spirit which he imparts to those whom he “fathers.”

He has written several books including Shadow Boxing, Portals to Cleansing, Islam Unmasked, and God’s Miracle Land: Pakistan. He and his wife Tina have two grown children and four grandchildren and currently live in the Dallas Texas area.

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