Laurie Davis

Laurie started the ministry at Fairmont Park Church in 2003. She is an ordained minister of the gospel by Dr. Malone of Vision Life Ministries.

Diana Lohman

Diana has served Fairmont Park Church since 1973, and has been a part of the ministry since it started in 2003. She was ordained a minister of the gospel in 2013.

Jane Goodman

Jane has been on the team for four years. She has an education in psychology and was ordained a minister of the gospel by Dr. Henry Malone in 2013.

Coleen Aspinall

Coleen was born in Jamaica, grew up in New York City, and refined in Texas. She works as an occupational therapist to support her calling of deliverance.

Ralph Hansen

Ralph's goal is to help others walk in the victory and freedom that Jesus has provided through the deliverance ministry.

Heather Perry

After Heather completed her journey through deliverance in 2013, she realized that she was put there for a reason. Since then she has been a deliverance minister and feels that she is a part of an amazing team.

Jo Ann Pitzer

Jo Ann went through deliverance in 2013. For the first time, she experienced true forgiveness – not only for others, but for herself.

Carolyn Soward

Carolyn is a part of Ask God Ministries because God has placed a deep desire in her to share with others what he has taught her over the years.

Jean Stratton

Jean has a personal passion for the ministry. She experienced an awakening through deliverance and is now able to minister to His treasured people.

Sara Urich

Sara's role within Ask God Ministries is administrative. She's not on the front lines waging spiritual warfare daily like the rest of our staff; rather, she tells them that she "wages warfare" as she prays for them, types, photocopies, and publishes information.

Alma Chavez

Alma's personal experience with deliverance has forever changed her life. It is her heart’s desire to see every believer in Christ Jesus to walk in freedom and wholeness. She partnered with Ask God Ministries in 2016.

Michael Chavez

Michael rededicated his life to Jesus in 2011, and shortly after began attending deliverance sessions. Now he enjoy helping others to be set free just as he was.