Going through a Deliverance session is an entirely unique experience for each person. But one thing they all share is the freedom they walk away with. “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” – John 8:36. Here are a few words of testimony about what can take place through the ministry of deliverance and inner healing.

I am so blessed that God called me into Ask God Ministries.  I receive a blessing everyday, whether through something God reveals in my own life or through the “peeling off” in someone else.  It has been a journey, of slowly realizing where my rejection and pain began.  By allowing my spirit to work along side the Holy Spirit, He has revealed to me what I need to repent of, forgive and release.  Through events, sometimes completely out of our control, Satan gets into our heart and mind, and changes who we were created to be into someone that lives with fears, rejection and pain.

I am so thankful, that through Ask God Ministries, I have learned, I don’t have to live that way.  I have power over Satan!  I can stand against him.  By speaking the name of Jesus, he must flee!

I know there are more layers, and God will reveal them to me in His time.  But, I live with peace, knowing that God cares for me and provides everything I need.  I live with joy, knowing He is proud of me and loves me and excepts me just as I am.  I’ve known for 42 years that I was going to heaven, but because of  Ask God Ministries helping me release the lies, I can enjoy the time I have on this earth while waiting for His return. – JP

I am a graduate of Ask God Ministries, a ministry of Fairmont Park Church.  I thank the Lord for my sister who referred me to the ministry and to my new sisters, Diana and Jane, whose unswerving love for God and commitment to the ministry brought me through the life-changing experience.  I truly feel that my first day as a graduate was the first day of the best days of the rest of my life. I thank the Lord for this ministry, the work it is doing for the Kingdom of God and the way that it is delivered in a loving and caring manner.  The booklet I received upon graduation is excellent and will play a key role in my continued journey of freedom.  Hallelujah!” – Terry

I wanted to thank you with all my heart for being obedient to the word of God. The Lord has used you and your staff in a tremendous way and I am not sure if you understand the magnitude of your service. Your faithfulness is not only changing individual lives like myself, but families as well. It makes a difference in our friends and the people we come in contact with daily…and your faithfulness then makes a difference in THE WORLD!! I don’t think words can express the change in my life after my deliverance. It has been like night and day completely! The torment I once felt is no longer in me, the insecurities and shyness that held me captive no longer do. The fear that held me in shackles and defeat were broken off of me and God overcame them for me. After the deliverance I now understand the true love God has for me…The Precious Blood that was shed on the cross I now hold its true value. The hurt and pain that played in my head over and over was replaced by Jesus with JOY, PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, AND STRENGTH. Jesus has replaced the horrible memories I held in secret with wonderful ones! My heart overfills with love and compassion now and it’s a wonderful feeling I haven’t felt before. I CAN SEE NOW and I can feel His presence.  I can also hear Him sometimes telling me beautiful things about me.. how precious I am to Him. Now I know who I am in Christ. I march forth in power, I sparkle with supernatural gifts, I am strong and courageous, devils tremble as they see me, I am more than a conqueror, royalty is in my every step, I know no fear as I go forth; I bring fear to demons and gladden the heart of God! Jesus has set me FREE! I believe God has a purpose and a plan for me, but I couldn’t begin until I received deliverance. So you see, we all play a vital role for the Kingdom of God. Yours happens to be my New Beginning! – Susan

I walked into Ask God Ministries; there was an atmosphere of deliverance set. It was as if a mantle of deliverance fell upon me. While I journeyed through my deliverance over the 12+ hours, this gracious mantle rested gently on me. The team of Ask God Ministries is full of love, knowledge, patience and compassion. They worked with the Word and the Holy Spirit to walk our group into a delivered life. What was also so amazing was that the ministered grace of deliverance was noticeable throughout the process. Deliverance administered by Ask God Ministries was effective and powerful.

I appreciate the gifts our God Jehovah set for us to learn and enter the life of deliverance. Oh how God loves us to have equipped His vessels to assist the body to be delivered, and to be taught how to maintain deliverance in our everyday lives. Thank you all, the Ask God Angels sent by God to help His people.

Love you all,
Freda McKnight

As a deliverance minister I went into the Walk in the Light seminar knowing there would be some healing. But I had no idea God was going to show up the way He did. All my life I have struggled with loneliness and feeling abandoned. God changed that on 1/24/15 when He let me see myself when I was a baby. I saw my dad say “I don’t want him” then I saw God cry. My God crying for the ones He loves. I knew God loved me, but I never expected to see Him crying for me and my dad. That changed my life. I am now not the same man I was. Yes, I am now walking in God’s Light!

My dad is the one God chose to bring me into this world and because of his own fears and issues he did not know how to show me the love God had planned. God also told me that He “God” was my Father, and has always been there beside me and loving me. That He would never abandon me. I now see my Father God in a new light. He fought for me and He healed me. I am now experiencing  being wanted and loved like never before. – God’s Child

Ask God Ministries has been such a blessing in my life. I am so grateful to have experience the love and genuineness that Ms. Diana and her team has shown me. I was exposed to a side of myself that I didn’t know was laying dorment. I have always questioned how to stay free and help others to stay free from the things God delivers us from. I now feel more equipped to carry out what God has for me. The time and dedication you give is priceless and I know your reward will be great! – Carmalita

I want to thank the Ask God Ministry team for your love, prayers, support and perseverance. You have been greatly used to restore life to me and my family. No one likes to admit they need help, especially when it comes to spiritual matters. So often, we try to hide, put on a good front, and hope one day it will get better. We pray and we pray and we pray. We wait and we wait and we wait. It is kind of like going to a doctor, no one wants surgery, but often it is necessary. I needed surgery! Not just for myself, but for my family, friends and those I will know in the future.

Like so many of us, actually most of us, I had been wounded over the years and many of those wounds never healed. I was living my life in constant pain. I was a born again, spirit filled, worshiping  woman of God, even sometimes ministering to others. I was also being constantly tormented. The worst part of my day was getting up and the best part of my day was going to bed. Most of my life, I went to bed, crying or in pain. I lived with rejection and fear. These two demonic spirits crippled and tortured me. At times, they paralyzed me. Most of my weekends were spent in bed crying, unable to defend myself or defeat them. Depression and pain were almost constant. Too often, spirits of murder and suicide would attack me. Weeks and years were lost to me and my family. Yes, I prayed. Yes, I confessed scriptures. Yes, I fought. Yes, I waited. Yes, I sought help. Books, tapes, conferences, people – everywhere I kept looking. And yes, I asked God. I begged God. He sent me to Charles and Frances Hunter for the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the 1970’s after I was born again. Years later, He sent me to their daughter Joan Hunter and her ministry.  God can use anyone, and I am so grateful He chose Joan Hunter. As part of her ministry team, I received much personal healing.  I honestly don’t know that I would even be alive today if God had not placed Joan in my life. There were many others that prayed for me and  my family. Diana never gave up praying for me and my family. Grace Joy ministered deliverance to me. Bethesdah House in Galveston, Texas was also there for me and my husband. They ministered and ministered deliverance to me. Finally, they said, “We have done all we can do now. The Lord is telling us you will  receive the rest of your healing at your new church.”  Well, it took two more years to find Fairmont Park Church and Ask God Ministries!  Whenever I would see my dear friend, Diana, she would tell me, “We have a deliverance ministry at our church.” I just didn’t listen. I was still trying to hide. Finally, the pain was unbearable and I stepped out into God’s healing arms of Ask God Ministries.

That was almost three years ago. It wasn’t easy; surgery never is. I was loved and accepted. I was prayed for more than I will ever know. Only God can heal wounds and scars, but He can use others to assist Him. Holy Spirit is our helper.  The Ask God Ministry team listened to Him and followed His instructions to set me free and make me whole. The demonic spirits that have tormented me all of my life are gone. The deep roots of rejection and fear are gone. My broken heart has been put back together. The pain is gone.  Thank you, Jesus!

I am writing this because so many people don’t understand something called “deliverance.” Jesus healed and set people free. One of the very last commandments He gave in Mark 16 verse 17, states, “In my name shall they cast out devils.” He knew demonic spirits attack us and even live in our bodies. He knew they could hurt us and needed to be “cast out.” So why the fear? God is greater than any demon! Why did it take me so long? Why did the things I try not work? Why did I have to endure for 66 years? I don’t know. Only a skilled surgeon can remove an appendix. Those with Ask God Ministries have been trained. They are skilled surgeons! They can be trusted to listen to Holy Spirit!

As my friend Joan often states, “Almost anyone can set a broken arm. It takes God to heal a broken heart”. My heart was healed last night. There is no pain in it. I am free.  I can live the life God has planned for me. Thank you again, Jesus, for setting me free. Thank you for all those You used to minister Your love and healing to me.

Thank you Laurie for listening to Holy Spirit and “hanging in there” when the going was so tough! Thank you Ask God Ministry team. Thank you Diana, Carolyn, Jane, Linda, and Sandra. You will never know how many lives have been impacted because you said “YES” to His call for your life. Not only has my life been impacted, but the lives of all of those I know and will know in the future. – Linda Adkins

The most important journey of our lives begins the moment we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. This relationship/walk can only be made with a pure heart. For me, entering into this relationship revealed areas in my life that needed healing – many of which I was not even aware.

The Ask God Ministries seminar, Breakthrough to Freedom (BTF), provided a way for our Lord to lovingly bring to the surface areas in my heart needing to be healed. The process of the BTF provided me with tangible tools to settle heart issues from my past that were affecting my present day life.

Every follower of Jesus Christ who desires to live in the fullness and victory for which Christ died to give us would benefit from this experience.

I praise and thank God for His anointing on the Ask God Ministries staff. I personally encountered Jesus working through them to reach my lost and broken heart needing to be redeemed and restored. – J.M.